The highest honor of a mortal eye

Are the 7 Royal GateKeepers of

Asian Adonis©

Duke of Go Cong, Vietnam & Count of Falkenstein, Prime Minister of the nation of Demi, and Exiled Shogun of the Empire of Amateratsu, the Sun and later the Moon. Musashi the Fear. The Dragon. The Genius known as The Dragon. And so on...

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Meet the 7 Royal GateKeepers of

Asian Adonis

Each of the 7 were chosen based on a number of potential applicants. Their salary is not to scoff at, if one need more than to live to wage war. As the 7 closest bodyguards of the body of a goddess in the form of a human male mortal man, Asian Adonis has chosen wisely the greatest warriors of all the lands by evolution, no mistakes.

Martial combats

All 7 Royal GateKeepers of Asian Adonis have been personally trained by Asian Adonis in most cases, depending on willingness.

  • Each a champion in their own field of choice.
  • Each easily a leader if left to their own devices.
  • Each knows the art of war first hand by the hand of Asian Adonis.

Fame and fortune

Fortunate are the ones who have made it even as far as getting to the gates of Asian Adonis and known the names of the 7 GateKeepers.

  • Regularly their names are mentioned on Asian Adonis' own personal social media.
  • Drama and internal affairs plague the House of Asian Adonis, and the 7 are no doubt the ones for the job.
  • Things could get messy. And oftentimes, they do. Asian Adonis, knows best.

Defend asian adonis

Strike first. Strike fast. Because the 7 Royal GateKeepers of Asian Adonis are nowhere to be found when the town is ransacked by a snapback.

  • Raid missions with Asian Adonis are oftentimes handled by the well paid for doing mostly watch, as Asian Adonis tackles an entire town by himself in the flesh.

The 7 Royal GateKeepers of Asian Adonis: Introductions.

Be witnessed as your mightiest generals bow before the feet of the 7 Royal GateKeepers in combat. Each, more worthy of being a general than your own general, generals. Each with a storyline that Asian Adonis cares not to write too long about, for there is much war about.

Biographies are under construction as Asian Adonis interviews for the first of the 7 immortals in name, body, mind, and most importantly, forget everything you know about the 7. They are legends made man.


lord vulcan©

A lord of the manor of flames, his family burned alive, still living, but missing him. For now he serves Asian Adonis in the 7. Said to be descended in spirit of a Roman god of fire, burned alive except for his eyes for he sees greatness in Asian Adonis.



Artemis of the hunt©

As a ranking member of the Hunter Association, Artemis was once, in a past life, a member of the Artemis clan of the goddess herself. She hunts for more than treason, she hunts for Asian Adonis' wild wild west, breast plate latied. Only Asian Adonis understand her warcries, or so.




This is Odysseus, and I cry because my eyes can no longer see ancient scriptures in stake punctured. Like this. Like this. Dr. Poseidon, is from the loins of the god of the sea by ancient incantation dead sea scrolled. Degrees are optional for Dr.P.



theDuchess morgan le fay©

From the times of King Arthur himself, redux- The Duchess is an actual Duchess in real life although she abandoned that title after a feud with Asian Adonis. Now a member of the 7 Royal GateKeepers, she uses his mysticism to make magic.



Those were the 4 outer rim wraiths. Now meet the 3 inner circle vultures, a trio of a feather, light touch.

They say that Young Lady Shiva© holds the only key to Asian Adonis' inner chamber because inside his heart is only ice, cold shoulder with tears trailing an Adonis circled by vultures. Imagine the height of icicle drops.

Is it Sunday? Cause you're past elite by this point. Now meet the man, the man, the legend himsef, Asian Adonis.

The Duke of go cong, Vietnam

Almost as heightened as the Prince of the Tran Dynasty.

The Count of falkenstein, DEUTSCHLAND

As close to a king as the armed forces of Rex.

Now Hiring

Please look for an advertisement from Asian Adonis under various office administrative, and other white and blue collar positions with seemingly innoculus descriptions. That is to mask the mysteries and protect the identities of the 7 Royal GateKeepers of Asian Adonis.

The hunted will become hunters.

© Copyright Asian Adonis and the 7 Royal GateKeepers.